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    This is a package from Tetra Pak.

    It’s renewable. It doesn’t really grow back, but it’s made mostly from things that do — like trees and sugarcane. Things, that if grown right, are sustainable. That’s renewability. That’s remarkable. And that’s what we do. Today our packs are made up of almost 75% renewable materials. However, our goal is to make a pack that’s fully renewable. Find out more about us, our packs and our mission simply by scrolling down.

  • From milk to juice.

    From Baltimore to Beijing.

    Wherever there’s food, you’re likely to find a Tetra Pak® carton.

    There’s probably one in your refrigerator or cupboard right now. Our packaging holds everything from milk to wine … from juice to beans … and everything in between.

  • Made from stuff

    that grows and grows.

    More than two-thirds of our package is made out of paperboard — which comes from trees.

    We use just enough to keep the package stable. That’s why our packages are so thin. Compared to an egg, which is around 15% shell and 85% content, our packs are 3–5% package and 95–97% content.

  • Freshness delivered

    around the world.

    Our packs are engineered to keep out harmful bacteria in order to keep food fresh, safe and flavourful — for a long time.

    Which is why Tetra Pak® containers are used to deliver food to places where refrigeration is not possible, all around the world. That helps fight famine and eliminate food waste — on a global scale.

    To keep foods and drinks as fresh as possible, for as long as possible, inside our aseptic packs we use small amounts of polyethylene and a thin layer of aluminium foil.

    These are used for food safety purposes, to help seal in liquids and protect the food inside from external moisture, oxygen and light. Plus, the aluminium foil allows foods in Tetra Pak® packages to be stored without refrigeration. We believe that through innovation we can help meet the worldwide need for high-quality food delivered in intelligently made, sustainable packaging.

  • It's recyclable, too.

    Are you into recycling? So are we.

    All the materials used to make our packs can be recycled. So when you have emptied your pack, be sure to throw it into a recycling bin.

  • Pick the right pack.

    Make a more responsible choice every time you go food shopping.

    Look for foods and drinks that come in Tetra Pak® packages. So, choose a renewable future. Pick the Pack That Grows Back. It’s that easy.

    Choose the pack
    that grows back.






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